Monday, June 13, 2011


Just spent a long weekend in Amsterdam to celebrate my 22nd birthday. I have this tradition that I do not do my birthday at home anymore... it always turns out to be such a hassle! My solution: go international
For my 20th it was Paris, my 21st Verona/Milan and now Amsterdam! Can't wait to see where ill be next year...
Amsterdam is a beautiful city, so charming and unique! There are almost no cars, everybody rides around on bikes like mad men, and oh yeah, they have all those famous caf├ęs.... (however a law is being passed to prohibit the sale of soft drugs to tourists by 2012!)

Being in a... lets say lazy.... mood, I basically wore the same thing everyday and I plan on continuing to do so in Geneva as long as the rain persists. I have these amazing harem sweatpants from Zara that until now I only wore as pajama pants, but no more! They are just so damn COMFORTABLE! And they went with the laid back cool kid look I was going for haha. Paired them all the time with my beige espadrilles from Lyon, some sort of scoop neck or henley top, my leather jacket (notice the leather is starting to be nicely worn!), a beanie and of course sunglasses. Gotta protect your sensitive eyes!
Anyways, try to go to Amsterdam before the end of the year, if you can't well you can always stare at hookers like you would monkeys in a zoo!

Photos by Chelsea Hughes

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