Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Salone del Mobile aka Disneyland

I went to Milan on Friday with school for a few hours (yes 12 hours of bus in a day but it was worth it) to visit the Salone del Mobile aka the Word's most important design happening aka Disneyland for design lovers. I started off the day by having lunch at Obika mozzarella bar in central Milan. We ate the most AMAZING ricotta spinach ravioli and had a tasting of 3 different kinds of fresh buffalo mozzarella.  As you can see, the view was worth a million bucks. 
The whole city gets into the Salone game, unlike the bi-yearly fashion weeks, this event is open to the public but still super relevant. Here is Via Montenapoleone in the Golden Triangle, one of the best shopping districts in the world. Every year the city sponsors some sort of art installation on this street, these squiggly white suspensions must have looked great at night!

The Kartell casa was beautiful, super high end bathrooms with ghost lamps an the most elegant garden furniture, like these light sculpture/planters.
We finished the day at the Wallpaper Handmade exhibit at Palazzo Brioni. Those who know me well know how OBSESSED I am with Wallpaper magazine, it is my ultimate design reference. I dream of working for them one day... 
I was so excited when they gave me a free Wallpaper! It isn't even out yet in Switzerland so I felt super special :)
Hopefully one day Ill be able to come back to the Salone del Mobile for the whole five days, it could be a great holiday or a wonderful business trip!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen' Dreamin'

Last week I had a "workshop" week aka we have no regular classes and have a one week intensive project. Of course I picked the kitchen workshop and actually got to design my ultimate dream kitchen. Unfortunately I was in a team, but i mayyyyy have completely taken over and made it MY project. Oh well hehe. In the end the critics were really impressed with all the details and thought I put into it but thought it wasn't "conceptual" enough. Frankly I don't give a fuck, it is the most efficient kitchen ever, based on the theory of the triangulation of cooking, which is a way to organize the space to facilitate cooking. Sliding cutting board covering a compost garbage, herb tower, waste and recycling management, exposed spice rack next to cooking block, integrated knife rack, crater shaped gas stove, etc...
It would be made out of grey volcano rock (cool eh?), apple wood and black galvanized steel. I cannot wait for the day that I can actually build my own dream kitchen! You know its going to be insane :D

Ps: I taught myself how to use ArchiCad for the 3d rendering in one day... frustrating but fruitful!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tangerine dream team

My friend Lauren came to visit me in Lausanne for the weekend. And we really had fun with our color... Lets just say we really stood out (no idea if it was a good thing ahaha) and we did not risk getting hit by a car!