Monday, April 11, 2011

Kitchen' Dreamin'

Last week I had a "workshop" week aka we have no regular classes and have a one week intensive project. Of course I picked the kitchen workshop and actually got to design my ultimate dream kitchen. Unfortunately I was in a team, but i mayyyyy have completely taken over and made it MY project. Oh well hehe. In the end the critics were really impressed with all the details and thought I put into it but thought it wasn't "conceptual" enough. Frankly I don't give a fuck, it is the most efficient kitchen ever, based on the theory of the triangulation of cooking, which is a way to organize the space to facilitate cooking. Sliding cutting board covering a compost garbage, herb tower, waste and recycling management, exposed spice rack next to cooking block, integrated knife rack, crater shaped gas stove, etc...
It would be made out of grey volcano rock (cool eh?), apple wood and black galvanized steel. I cannot wait for the day that I can actually build my own dream kitchen! You know its going to be insane :D

Ps: I taught myself how to use ArchiCad for the 3d rendering in one day... frustrating but fruitful!

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