Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slowly figuring out Geneva

I am finally figuring out what to do for fun in Geneva, this town is not much of a "party" town and options are limited. When other plans never concretized, a friends boyfriend suggested that we go to the Halles de L'Ile. I was told there was no cover, a fabulous venue, good music and no door drama. Jackpot, just my kind of place. The location itself is amazing as you can see, it is in a converted warehouse occupying the entire tip of an island at the mouth of a river. The design is simple and industrial with a large bar in the center. The music was EXACTLY what I like and the DJ was super cute, in my drunken stupor I had a conversation with him and asked about other places where he spun but I unfortunately don't remember what he said :(
The courtyard has a really cool feature, old ski lift cabins! Perfect for a smoke and to ghetto drink out of a plastic bottle in your friend's purse... 
The only downsides are the ridiculous prices (15$ for a G&T but I guess it's normal here, everything is just mad expensive) and the fact that the crowd doesn't really mingle, but I think that's just how it is in Geneva. 
Fun fact: i took the train at 2:36 am to get home and made a huge effort to stay awake but of course i dozed off only to be woken up by a conductor telling me I was at the end of the line. I stumbled out and had no idea where I was, started to panic thinking I was in Zurich or something, wandered towards the exit and only there realized that I was actually in Lausanne. At the station I go to every single day. The lesson of this story: try not to drunkenly pass out on a train in Europe, you might just end up in another country. 

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