Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Love Love

I am absolutely infatuated with the Olsen twins latest collection shown at NYFW for their high end label The Row. It is now undeniable that the former child stars actually have a very fine fashion bone, much like Victoria Beckham. I am actually loving the fact that a select few "celebrity" clothing lines are being taken quite seriously for once, because love it or not, these girls know and love fashion. Lets face it, with all the money and power and fabulous clothes they have access too, how could they not LOVE fashion?
I feel as if the entire Row collection was completely wearable, and most of it was fabulously luxurious! Furs, croc and their debut handbag collection (said to be in the Celine or even Herm├Ęs price range...) were sure attention grabbers (hello ridiculously posh hat) but the fine tailoring is becoming their signature. All I can wish for now is much much more menswear! That blazer/cardigan is just so dreamy... anybody that knows me is aware of my penchant for cardis and heavy knits. 
Ps: How sick are the cashmere loafers? They are made in collaboration with TOMS and will be around 150$. Want. 
As for Miz Posh Spice, her collection was a little less stiff than her previous ones but still had some of her signature dresses. The twist: gorgeous dresses made to look like they are paired with a belted shawl but no, they are actually all one piece! This goes to show how VB actually knows how to do her own thing. Last but not least, I especially loved the color palette against the trippy floor pattern. 

Images via STYLE.COM

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  1. Agreed! MKA elevated their game with the latest of The Row.
    As for you, how are you going to run "on the lake", don't you need special powers to walk on water? ;) xx