Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh yeah, I'm in Switzerland until July

So I (Alex) am doing a semester abroad in Geneva studying interior architecture at HEAD (yes i know it gives me the giggles too... especially since the first time I visited their website the homepage was displaying homo erotic art. It was just meant to be! It actually stands for Haute École d'Art et de Design). However, there is a major housing crisis in Geneva so i am living in Lausanne, a 25 minute train ride away. 
Turns out I am quite lucky to have cheaped out and moved to Lausanne since it is reportedly the party capital of Switzerland... but I unfortunately (actually its a good thing lol) will not have the means to party the semester away... I actually have some goals!
My first goal is that I intend to get fit. I know have been saying that for years but now I actually have the opportunity to do so as I am unemployed! I can go run on lake Leman (aka lake Geneva), work out in my apartment (we actually have a bunch of workout gear!) and if I get lazy, I still have to walk up a damn mountain to get home. When I was in Arenzano over the summer I intentionally walked up and down 300 stairs up to six times a day and damnnnn my legs were toned.
My second goal, which is tied to the first one, is to eat much healthier. I already eat relatively healthy at home but the munchies always got to me… and besides, I can’t afford to eat junk food here! Everything is uber expensive! I have to figure out ways to increase my protein intake without buying fresh meat, which is the most expensive item at grocery stores here. So canned tuna (well the fancy Italian one in olive oil), beans, nuts and cheese it will be! Thank God I am in the land of delicious cheese!
And the third goal is to simply work on this blog on a regular basis!
The apartment I am living in is huge, I have 4 roommates but we don’t have a living room so we all hang out in our own rooms. It’s the complete opposite of how things work with Renee in Montreal but it’s a pretty good arrangement! The rooms are HUGE, like 4 of them (including mine) have enough space for a seating area, but I think I hit the jackpot: I got the original master suite so I have a private bathroom, double closets and the cherry on top of the sundae, my very own balcony with a million dollar view. As mentioned above, I live on top of a mountain so I am basically overlooking all of Lausanne, including the old city, I see the lake stretching across the entire view, and best of all, I see snow capped mountains across the lake!
Hopefully I will be able to make the most of this trip! 

Image via http://blog.ebookers.ch/fr/tag/lausanne/

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  1. switzerland until july?! how fabulous!! enjoy your time in europe...i'm jealous.

    best of luck with your blog!