Thursday, February 17, 2011


Rodarte, the super high end artisanal clothing label by the Mulleavy sisters has been one of my most anticipated shows for the past five seasons. Each garment is like a work of art, all hand made, often using very unconventional techniques. Lets just call it "California Couture". What I love most about them is how you clearly see their style and approach to design evolve with each season. Back in september, for SS2011, they turned a new page and seemingly simplified their designs, but nothing is ever simple with the Mulleavy's, it just got much more refined. For Fall, they kept that spirit and broadened their scope by offering more of a complete wardrobe: high waisted pants, shirts and fabulous floor length coats. They always make a point of finding some sort of far flung theme and really sticking to it thrughout the whole collection, and as usual, it paid off. I feel as if they are getting more confident in the skill with time, instead of just offering crazy show stopping mini dresses and dramatic gowns that mere mortals would be afraid to touch (come on, you remember those crazy post apocalyptic patchwork/shredded dresses that are now actually in museums), they are creating much more realistic clothes all the while remaining distinctly Rodarte.

Images via STYLE.COM

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