Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art Brut. The real stuff.

I went to a the Collection de l'Art Brut museum in Lausanne over the weekend, its actually right next to my apartment which is awesome!
To be honest, I have never had such a strong reaction to a museum and I have seen quite a few of them... As a result I am very difficult when visiting a museum for the first time, not to be snobby but I have visited the finest museums in the world so I really look for quality and coherence in an exhibit and its museography.
This museum made me cry.
For the first time ever I actually felt a connection to the art, I really "got" it. For those of you who don't know (I didn't before Saturday) "Art Brut" is art made by outsiders without any formal training, the artists often being institutionalized or mentally unstable, but it is not just "retard" art. It basically is just REAL art, showcasing raw emotions that really transcends to the audience. Some of the subjects are sometimes perverse, but what really got me was the story behind each artist. The museography was quite particular, instead of identifying each and every work of art, there was just a plaque describing the artist's history and his or her overall oeuvre.
There is no set style, as you can see everything is very personal, and what is the most shocking is that some of the artists never actually showed their art, it was only discovered after their death! I think it just makes it so much more personal and touching, I cannot wait to go back next weekend!

Check it out :

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