Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After Positano and Venice I came back to Lausanne for 5 hours and then it was off to the airport to take an EasyJet flight to Berlin for a "school trip". For all of you back home who don't know EasyJet, well its basically the cheapest way to get from point A to B in Europe when trains are not possible (trains are obviously easier... they don't measure your one and only piece of luggage).
It was my first time in Berlin and I seriously did not expect to LOVE IT SO MUCH!
Like wow, I really understand why it is widely known as the cultural capital of Europe, there is just so much to do and so much happening! True it is not a very "business-y" town but that means that rents are low and creatives are aplenty. We tried to do as much tourism as possible outside of the scheduled visits, seeing all the typical Berlin landmarks and constantly being shocked at how big this city is!

We had a private visit of the Boros collection, a private contemporary art collection housed in a Nazi era neoclassical inspired bunker that was once the loudest s&m/electro nightclub in town after the fall of the Wall. It was an amazing visit, most works having been commissioned by the museum itself and much of it being quite provocative... (hand job machine.... ) I would just love to have that light in my apartment!

It just so happened to be May 1st. Little did we know that meant a crazy party EVERYWHERE, and damn good cheap food in the street!

Mies Van der Rohe museum pavilion with a Calatrava sculpture in the middle = architecture orgasm. 

The Neues Museum, STUNNING. Seriously the most beautiful museum I have visited this year, just reopened after being destroyed during WWII. The David Chipperfield renovation kept all the original, war and time warped details and all the new parts are pure class. 

Jewinsh Museum by Daniel Libeskind. Architecture that actually gives you emotions. 

The "Cabinet of curiosities" at the Natural History museum. Shockingly beautiful dead stuff, like a jewel box. 

View from the ruined, Cold War era NSA top secret spy tower. 

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