Monday, May 30, 2011

Only Lyon.

Over the weekend a few of us internationals went to my friend's house in Lyon. My mother had told me it was nice but I did not expect to enjoy it so much! People always think that Paris has the best of French culture to offer, but in reality the FOOD in Lyon is in a whole other league!
Three words to describe the weekend: Eat. Drink. Sun.
We went out a whole lot since it was Lauren's 21st birthday, celebrations started before taking the train by drinking a bottle of bubbly at school. We went to an Australian themed club on a péniche, a club that has stock-market like fluctuating drink prices, an irish pub and a Bostom themed club. Hmmm I just realized how French people seem to love "exotic" themed drinking dens...
The weather was beautiful so we planned the weekend to have one day of visits and one day lounging by the pool... it was fabulous. Add 2 nights of going out until 4 am and you have a great weekend.

Charcuterie plate in a Bouchon Lyonnais. We ate so much French food: escargot, souris d'agneau (melt in your mouth lamb shank), salade lyonnaise (mmmm lardons), quenelles, chicken liver salad, beef tartare, tarte tatin, tarte aux pralines...


Le Passage, a sort of super chic "speakeasy" type bar. I had a Royal Highball, seemed appropriate. 
- 4 oz Chapagne
- 1 oz Cognac
- Simple syrup
- Strawberries
Served on the rocks.

This INSANE apartment we chilled in one night, it was huge and expertly decorated if not a tad impersonal...

Pool day among rose bushes, lavender and a bountiful cherry tree (pick your own cherries to cool off... ). Wearing my tiny european bathing suit, so useful to tan!

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