Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I confess, I am a stalker.

Well I stalk real estate listings. Especially in Montreal, New York, and any other over the top listing I find. I also check out The Real Estalker and Curbed a few times  week. Until today I used to debate if I preferred a slick contemporary space or something with a little more character and history. I have now found my ultimate home and I can firmly say I like a little ancient flavor. I should have figured that out a while ago, since I love contrast, texture and classics. I have always dreamed of having a really ornate, ancient living room furnished with super contrasting and eclectic elements. Here it is, in Montreal, for a mere 3.5 mil:

Classic limestone facade.

Deliciously quirky furniture choices.

Many a classic "design" chair. Ornate decorations made subtle. 

I love beanbags. Sitting on on right now.

Stunning LaCornue (second) kitchen.

A yard with character. I could throw a decent party here...

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