Thursday, May 5, 2011

I found the beautiful people

I just got back from my 13 day European Spring Break Extravaganza and lets just say I have done it all. High end, low end, classy, trashy, modern, ancient, etc. 
After staying in Naples for a night (dirty dirty city, fun people thought) the first leg of the trip was in Positano, the premiere resort town on the Amalfi Coast. The people we met there were quite surprised to see two youngsters actually staying in such a posh town (people usually just come for the day) but we kindly omitted the fact that we were staying in the one and only hostel and quite literally had the best deal in town: private bedroom with large terrace and a million dollar view. All for 80 euros a night. 
This town is just beautiful. Built on the hillside with winding staircases and dramatic views everywhere. But what really makes Positano so incredible is the high quality of EVERYTHING. You will not find any bad tourist trap restaurants, or tacky street vendors. It is all high end and fabulous, without actually being overpriced!
Of course one of the highlights was the food. Pasta, pizza and lots of seafood. I think that we ate pasta with some sort of seafood at LEAST once a day. I also discovered my ultimate pizza: pizza bianca (no sauce) so basically just a baked crust, topped with fresh mozzarella, paper thin prosciutto, large parmesan shards, arugula and a drizzle of olive oil. The pizza in Positano was actually better than the pizza we had in Naples... go figure.
The beautiful people. This place is known for attracting the "jet set" crowd. And wow. It really does. I have never seen so many PERFECTLY dressed beautiful men and fabulous women in one place. I think Audrey found her future husband at least 10 times. The people watching alone makes the trip worth while. 
And now for the fabulous partying. Little did we know that easter weekend was the "launch" of the season so when we showed up at THE club, Music on the Rocks, we had no Idea how ridiculously amazing it would be. As you can see the club is quite... um.... kitsch. It is right down by the beach and INSIDE a cave, but somehow the decor just works and really makes you feel like you are in another world, which is what a club should do. The crowd was just so beautiful we were at a loss for words. Music on the Rocks really exemplifies the club mystique that most places fail to attain. It is glamorous, dreamy and filled with beautiful people drinking fantastic (strong) drinks. The VIP is filled with actual VIP's and there is no Ed Hardy trash to be seen anywhere. Men wear sharp blazers and are dressed to the 9's, and women are glamazons in high heels. 
What made our evening particularly pleasant was the people we met: fabulous jet setting older gay men (with a personal assistant and an 18 year old protégé in tow) who invited me and my two girls to join them for the evening. We had the ONLY private VIP area overlooking the dancefloor and the whole place, other friends from the hostel would pass by and be just like WTF. I want to be like these men when I glow up they are the definition of class. They rent a villa overlooking Positano each Spring, have houses in Miami, NYC, London, Switzerland.... One of them is on the board of Ferrari, another is in some sort of field relating to politics, and they do NOT order bottles. Drinks have to be made by the bartender and swiftly delivered to our box as soon as the previous one is done (the personal assistant made sure of that). They went clubbing only to show the 18 year old (the son of a good friend straight out of boarding school) a good time, and boy did he have a good time with "his" brunette and blonde that came with me. But it was all innocent pleasure drunken debauchery. 
I really recommend going to Positano. It is another world, unlike any other resort town I know. Eat, tan and party.

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