Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Surfing on the Web

Ever feel like you spend hours on the Internet with nothing to show for it? Sometimes Google is like one big maze and you're the mouse stuck without the cheese; you know what you want, but not where to find it. Even if you're just trying to waste time, why not waste time efficiently? You want the best content and you want it before the teacher dismisses class. Stop stalking random Facebook albums or Googling your own name and check out these websites:

- College Humour: If YouTube and Saturday Night Live had a lovechild, it would be College Humour. You'll curse this article when you waste hours browsing their videos or curse yourself for not doing so until now.

-Askmen Magazine: The best online magazine - and definitely not just for men. Listomaniacs will love the daily top 5 stories, top 10 how-to, top 29 cities, top 99 most desirable, etc. "Mr.Mafioso" gives advice on making money while "The Player" gives advice on how to score. This should be required reading for every girl. 

-Reuters News: One-spot Global news on a simple, no frills site. Unlike other news websites, Reuters' stories are organized so that you can digest what you really need to know before all the rest. 

- OneSpout Deals: Who doesn't like saving money? Check out all of the local daily deals in one place. High-end spa packages, kart racing, restaurant vouchers and more - at least half off. Tip: If you're planning a date for Valentine's day, find something extra-classy without breaking the budget.

-Redtag Vacations: What if you could bake in the sun on spring break for under 800$ all-included? After extensive comparison, Red tag has the best cheapie vacations on the web. Even if you're not booking anytime soon, you'll be tempted to start planning your next trip down south.

-Makeup Alley: Product junkies, never waste time or money at the makeup counter ever again. Need a new face wash, lip balm, hair spray, self-tanner? Search the top-recommended cosmetic products from thousands of votes and reviews. Let's face it: products always work better when everyone else says they do.

-Urban Dictionary: Be a pioneer -  learn a new word and try to incorporate it into your social circle's vocabulary. Try "PHOBAR", an acronym for "Photoshopped beyond all recognition". Log on to Facebook and use as needed.


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