Sunday, January 30, 2011

Want for boys pt 1

The menswear collections for fall just finished showing and there is some seriously amazing stuff out there. I love how runway collections are becoming more and more about wearable clothes instead of being ridiculous "in your face" presentations. 

Balmain Homme 
The menswear by ├╝ber-fabulous French fashion house Balmain just keeps getting better. Each and every piece is so desirable I just cant wait to find cheap knock off's! Its obvious that Christophe Decarnin designs collections to fill his own wardrobe and I'm absolutely loving it, I would do the same thing!
Only one thing bugged me in the styling of the accessories: the keffiyeh-like scarf that was in half the pictures. I am probably aversive to it because I am from Montreal and that ridiculous scarf trend was WAYYYY overplayed and I automatically associate it with tacky.

Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burtons collection for Alexander McQueen was of course very... McQueen. It had all the elements of whimsy and drama that the label is known for. I got a kind of creeper-royal feel from the collection. If you look at the whole thing you can basically divide it in two parts: a very regal, polished look that you could very well imagine a sartorial Royal wearing and the clothes that said royal would wear to do very creepy things.
My favorite looks were of course the ones giving off a Mad Men vibe, although I loved many other pieces I feel like my small frame would be overpowered by most of them. 
Bottega Veneta
At Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier stayed committed to innovating in the use of textiles and technology in fashion. The fabrics are ridiculously posh and unique, an once again he showed a collection filled with must-haves for the very discerning world-traveler that I imagine being his key customer base. The tailoring was very sharp and allot of attention was given to the looser fitting pants that I myself am starting to play with. I also loved the layering effect created by untucking and unbutonning a dress shirt and cardigan under a blazer.
Ps: I would just die if I could put my hands on a black woven leather tote bag by BV.  
Burberry Prorsum
If it were even remotely possible, my big-ticket winter coat next year would be by Burberry Prorsum. Unfortunately these go for at least 3000 clams so that would not be a wise investment in my dire financial situation. Christopher Bailey (yummy) delivered a collection centered on what the British brand does best : outerwear. It was all so perfect, i especially loved the use of fur (hey, men want to look expensive too) and the beautiful heavy knits. 

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