Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Dynamic Duo

Behind every great woman is a fabulous gay man - Dave Singleton

I couldn't agree more, except mine is never behind me; Alex, my roommate, is always two steps ahead of me...looking back to check for stains on my shirt and make sure I'm wearing the right heels.

Living with Alex is like having a live-in chef, cleaning lady and personal stylist - all in one well-groomed package who sleeps in the room next to mine. But he isn't only good for the superficial. When the makeup comes off and the sweatpants don't (sometimes for a couple days), he's still one of the people I trust the most. And not only because I have dirt on him as collateral. Hint: he's been known to turn straight boys gay - straight boys who sometimes have girlfriends. Girls, get your A-game on before this stylish redhead home wrecker does. Just kidding. Sort of.

At home, he makes the best risotto I've ever had - and doesn't judge me when I devour it without chewing.

Everyone should have a live-in gay..Or wait, am I the live-in fruit fly? Either way, my GBF is a boyfriend minus the breakup, a girlfriend minus the catty, and a fancy meal minus the bill.

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