Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYE is never perfect

Renée and I are seasoned experts at throwing parties in our little 800 sqf apartment. We have been known to stuff up to 30 people inside which is allot considering that we can only sit 12...

This past New Years we decided to have a pre-party at our place. The idea was that everybody comes over around 8 to have a drink and a quick bite before running off somewhere else for the countdown. However, our guests were (of course) all late and a bunch of us ended up staying here past midnight and dispersed afterwards. Next year we will just do a full out NYE party, it was way better to have an intimate party at home than going out. Staying in = less drama. 

Just like the birthday party the week before I organized everything and made all the food. We had of course plenty of cheese, olives, pickles, assorted crackers and dips. These 5 alone could be considered as being a basic cocktail party spread, because come on, who does not like all these delicious things?

What I believe played an important role in the success of the party is the fact that everything was planned out in advance; we had all the ice and cups you could need. Also, I completely repurposed all the furniture and created new seating areas that were more "party friendly".

The highlight was the paninis we were making throughout the evening: prosciutto, arugula, parmesan, balsamic reduction and tomato on a ciabatta bun. Delicious. Our panini grill is now our main source of nourishment, its just so fast and easy and fun and healthy!

Oh also, look at our awesome outdoor bar! We live in Canada so might as well take advantage of the shitty weather. This is called a Canadian fridge!

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