Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming of springtime

I hate winter with a passion. I can only have fun for so long wearing the same outerwear and boots all the time. Today I cannot stop thinking about when I will be in Venice and the Amalfi Coast during the last week of April with my friend Audrey. Its probably going to be like a spring break eurotrash version. Of course I am already thinking of what to wear since I am packing and leaving Montreal in exactly 2 weeks (scary). 
So here is what I think would be perfect for a stroll along the Mediterranean in Positano. I would start by politely borrowing Audrey's new Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses that look amazing on me, slip on the ultra light see thru shirt that I just ordered online in brown (On sale! I also got a charcoal tank top in the same material, I just love the lightness of it), add my cutoff jeans shorts version 2.0 (out with the ghetto Parasuco's and in with the ghetto True Religion's! Recycling dated jeans is key) and put on my suede loafers that I got in Italy over the summer (I actually have them in forest green and dark blue) and we have a casual Italian resort chic! If its still a little chilly I think my new Rudsak would look badass.
Only 3 months to go!

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